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Nutrition Service Associates

Professional consulting nutritionists working in the division of Unipro International bring a wealth of experience to the client.

Operations as part of the consulting group, Nutrition Service Associates, these individuals frequently consult with their XFE colleagues and share information. The result is a powerful co-mingling of ideas and techniques that assure up-to-the-minute knowledge applied to every nutritional challenge. This repository of understanding about trace minerals, vitamins and all aspects of nutrition and feeding includes not only the personal experience of each consulting nutritionist, but also the cross reference and comparison of data as it is evaluated through computerized data collection and analysis.

Beyond the value of shared knowledge, there is a practical side to the group approach at Nutrition Service Associates. A client's conditions and requirements are understood by more than the primary contact consultant, so there is solid back-up ever present when help is needed.

Individually, consultants representing Unipro International are well-educated, experienced professionals each with a strong reputation that stands alone. Together, they represent a network of expertise that is unparalleled.